2,783 Gross Acres
2,146 Upland Acres
29,634' Water and Marsh Frontage


The Turtle River CID (Community Improvement District) is being positioned as a model community for Coastal Georgia. It has already captured the interest and support of local, regional and state leadership in business, government and education. The benefits of the CID will help position Coastal Georgia as a special place where people can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and business enterprise throughout the 21st century. A special Alliance is being formed to support the CID development.

The Turtle River CID legislation was passed by the Georgia Legislature and signed by the Governor in 2006. This enables the use of bond financing to fund the cost of roads and utility infrastructure needed to serve the various commercial developments. The CID is a community development partnership with Glynn County through its Board of Commissioners and staff.

The property is being re-zoned PD (Planned Development) to support the CID master development plans. The mixed use improvements will include many value added lifestyle functions such as global business workplaces, retail shops, lodging/hospitality, restaurants, eateries, concierge services, marina, river landings, habitat parks, single family homes, multi-family condos, villas and a network of cart paths linking all parks, commercial centers and village transportation nodes.

The Turtle River CID will anchor quality growth and job locations for western Glynn, east Brantley and north Camden Counties through 2020 and beyond. Its Central business district will be located at four-lane US highway 82 and Georgia highway 99, seven miles west of I-95 and midway between the metropolitan business, shopping and transportation centers of Savannah and Jacksonville.


To understand the Turtle River CID land use is to understand the intrinsic value of the land, as an asset, and how to leverage it. Its location near I-95 offers convenient access to anywhere in the county, state, nation or the world by auto and aircraft. The property is located one hour from two international airports and twenty minutes to Brunswick’s Delta Airlines connection to Atlanta.

Turtle River CID is only 20 minutes from the beaches of St Simons Island, which according to Money Magazine’s research, is one of the five best places in America to retire to. Unfortunately, there is no more land available on St. Simons for developing new communities.


Turtle Isles is the logical extension of the Golden Isles and Coastal Georgia lifestyle sharing the same mild climate, lush marshes, moss-draped live oaks and ocean access. Soon, it will offer a variety of lifestyle and workforce housing reflective of coastal living in unique villages with Marina, and Yacht Club hospitality, dining, lodging and recreation. This subtropical island style pedestrian community will be convenient to a market of over 10 million people within a 300 mile radius.


Georgetown represents a scaled down model of a high-end global trade and enterprise community like Ontario, California. Ontario benefits from its proximity to Palm Springs area golf course communities. Likewise, Georgetown will be enhanced by the habitat parks and a Marina Village. The CID will bundle recreational amenities, neighborhoods, services and more to attract the higher end of the logistics and R&D industries that wish to locate near I-95, with access to the ports and business centers of Savannah and Jacksonville. 

Georgetown is planned as a Global Business Center with regional and State economic impact. That is why the Glynn County Board of Commissioners voted 7-0 to approve the CID and partner with the developer. They recognize the potential of 5,000 jobs, $26.3 million annual ad valorem taxes and $30 million in annual sales tax.


The sale of Turtle River CID bonds will provide $10 million for Phase I roads, utilities and right-of-way improvements that will serve most of the commercial developments and several phases of residential development.

The CID funded infrastructure will follow strategic routes to commercial hospitality and recreational amenities where property extremities connect with the waterways. These routes also allow maximum flexibility and adaptability in phasing and developing residential neighborhoods.


Single family lots, Commercial Pads and Multi-Family Pads will be developed and sold to CID Alliance builders and specialized developers in phases for customer sales, construction and vertical development programs.

The main and secondary community entrances will be sculptured, landscaped, lighted and signed to identify Turtle River CID as an important and appealing global business center and an island style destination community. These themes will be extended and reinforced throughout the CID common areas and amenities.

Building and landscape architecture, signage, lighting, fencing and all other visual and structural improvements will be coordinated with CID Commercial, Residential and Recreational Design Standards and property owner covenants and restrictions.. Workshops will be conducted to help property owners coordinate design and development with our alliance of approved Architects, builders, contractors, landscapers, service providers and others.


To help mitigate traffic and congestion the CID Alliance will provide all the professional services needed to conduct global business daily from the home or any of the commercial business centers. However, the community will remain a retreat from the noise, clutter, congestion, crime and other adversities.

The CID Alliance will provide development and operational services and support to the standards and efficiencies people are accustomed to and others they will soon need. The Alliance will provide new technology applications that can help improve social and economic values for resident individuals, families and businesses.

One of the CID’s best kept secrets is how well the upland property is connected to the waterways and estuaries of Coastal Georgia. That is where the Turtle River Marina Village and Club will be built with an impressive selection of member and guest services including concierge, lodging, dining, global business and marina services.

The wetlands and marshes that surround the property are a precious asset and part of the eco systems that the people of Coastal Georgia depend on. That’s why management is a practicing steward as well as community developer. It’s a responsibility taken seriously.

The CID mixed-use market is virtually global. The CID umbrella and alliance cross-marketing programs will use the Turtle River Marina Village services and amenities to attract local, coastal and inland business owners, executives and professionals and their families as well as regional retirement and second home buyers in Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah/Hilton Head, Columbus, Jacksonville/North Florida, Orlando and other markets.


The first CID single family, clustered and attached condo residential neighborhoods will be located close to the Turtle Isles villages and amenities. Marina condominiums will be a primary product type. They are the highest valued residential products in the Coastal Georgia and Golden Isles areas. Such products attract high demographic lifestyle values.

Georgetown residential neighborhoods and apartments will be a function of the jobs based logistics, R&D, flex and commercial developments. The greatest density will be integrated with a large recreational lake, family community center and nearby phased urban community mixed-use shopping and service center.


Every residential neighborhood and villa entrance will include a lighted 24/7electronic surveillance zone requiring codes and other convenient clearance protocols. Parks, playgrounds and other amenities will also be electronically monitored. Security service will also be provided by county (public) and private police authorities. Broadband and wireless security and information system applications will be integrated throughout the community.


The CID development management has many advantages over competition, especially in Coastal Georgia. Their “speed-to-market” programs are designed to accelerate stabilization and positive cash flow. They improve on traditional mixed-use development by knowing how to use technology and innovation to add customer benefits and services that multiply value.  They use their advantages to inspire and form strategic alliances with savvy investors, builders, operators and service providers.

Coastal Growth

Note: To foster "smart and green community" development, select
parcels and pads may be used to develop transportation, public safety,
schools, parks and other services.


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